Designers Think These Kitchen Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2024 (2024)

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Nature-inspired palettes and an attention to detail will be key


Patricia Shannon

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Patricia Shannon

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Updated on 10/31/23

If 2023 was the era of maximalist kitchens, 2024 is taking a decidedly softer approach—but one that still offers plenty of eye candy.

While big, punchy colors like green and pink were popular in kitchen designs (thank you, Barbie), they're getting dialed back to something a bit more understated in the new year, according to designers.

From warm earth tones to graphic tile installations and dramatic vent hoods, kitchen design pros are sharing the top trends they’re looking forward to seeing in 2024.

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Key Trends Coming for Kitchens in 2024

Jasmine Crockett, the Atlanta-based interior designer behind JoyMeetsHome, thinks that while new color palettes, Scandinavian style, and a more minimalistic approach are all coming in strong for the year ahead, much of the attention will be on how our kitchens work for us.

“The focus is on improving functionality with optimized storage solutions, quiet appliances, and the incorporation of beverage stations,” Crockett explains.

Bryan Johnson, CEO ofShades of Light, echos that though last year was punctuated with a dramatic use of color throughout the kitchen, this year is all about keeping things calming.

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    Dramatic Islands

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    The real drama in the kitchen will show up in oversized counter slabs, waterfall edges, and big islands, according to Johnson. Think: bold patterns in the stonework complemented by low-hanging pendants in colorful patterns.

    Though kitchen islands will continue to work as both a prep and dining space, Johnson says we’ll also see an increased focus on eat-in nooks, as they'll become a more permanent fixture in the kitchen and claim more space than ever.

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    Backsplash Blending

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    Mitchell Parker, the senior editor of Houzz, says that while designers often use tile for kitchen backsplashes, they’re starting to use slabs of stone or quartz behind the cooktop and range instead.

    “The slab is often the same material as the countertops, giving the kitchen graphic veining and interesting details—it really creates a striking focal point, plus, it's easy to wipe clean,” he says.

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    Fluted Details

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    An attention to detail will be key for kitchens in 2024. One way designers ensure that no area of the kitchen goes overlooked is by focusing on millwork details like fluted cabinetry.

    Fluted details have been on display at design shows throughout the year, according to Parker, accenting everything from kitchen islands to bathroom vanities to living room furniture.

    “The aesthetic creates a thick, often rough statement-making detail beneath island countertops, bathroom vanities, and dining room tables," he says.

    Fluting can work with a variety of aesthetics, skewing more midcentury to taking a more modern slant, depending on the pattern details.

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    Nature-Focused Hues

    While blue may be the color of choice to usher in a more calming kitchen space, green is also having a moment. Crockett says our move toward warmer, earthy tones, is the result of the design industry’s biophilic influence.

    Parker loves the idea of naturalistic blues in a kitchen, too.

    “With so much going on in the world, blue provides a calming influence,” Parker says. “Whether it’s a sky-inspired hue or a deep watery color, look for an array of blues to be featured more prominently in decorative materials and housewares in the coming year.”

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    Natural Wood Cabinetry

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    In the same vein, natural wood cabinetry is coming back front and center. Crockett notes how homeowners are moving away from stark white kitchens and shifting towards warmer color palettes and natural wood materials in cabinetry.

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    Smarter Storage

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    Kitchen storage is getting the custom treatment. From appliance garages to walk-in pantries and customizable solutions, kitchens in 2024 will ensure everything has a place.

    If you've never heard of an appliance garage, allow us to explain. They conceal countertop appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, and toasters while keeping them easily accessible and organized.

    “While they’ve been around for decades, appliance garages are enjoying a resurgence in popularity," Parker explains. "As homeowners seek to declutter their homes, they're incorporating more gadgets into their kitchens."

    Beyond the appliances, there’s a renewed focus on organization within the kitchen in general. The demand for walk-in pantries, built-in cabinetry, and customizable dividers reflects a practical approach to organization and storage, says Crockett.

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    Herringbone Everything

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    Herringbone is primed to have a moment in 2024. From backsplashes to tiled floors, unique installation techniques are going to be front and center.

    “Herringbone is another classic design element that is experiencing a renaissance, becoming the go-to pattern for kitchens, bathrooms, and more,” Parker says.

    The graphic pattern is beloved for creating movement and texture, but this time around, it’s not the horizontally oriented zags we’re used to. Instead, it'll be moving in diagonal or vertical directions.

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    Statement Range Hoods

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    Range hoods are an essential component of most kitchens, but up until this point, they primarily served a utilitarian purpose. Looking to the year ahead, Crockett says the overhead appliance may soon be taking a decidedly stylish point of view.

    “The rising trend of statement range hoods using unique materials like wood, stainless steel, and mixed metals is an exciting feature to watch in 2024,” she says. “It adds a distinct, custom touch to kitchen designs and serves as a focal point for the space.”

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Designers Think These Kitchen Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2024 (2024)


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