NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips - The ultimate guide to scoring success (2024)

NBA 2K games have notoriously been known to release the same game every year. However, NBA 2K23 did things differently by switching up some mechanics in shooting the ball and throwing down dunks.

While this should seem like a good switch-up, changing how players should make a shot in 2K appears to have backfired instead.

If you look at player reviews on Steam, Reddit, and other various platforms, one thing remains consistent, and that's their complaints about the shot meter. NBA 2K23 isn't exactly the easiest entry among all previous NBA 2K games considering the difficulty of making a simple jump shot.

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Back then, players don't necessarily need a green light to consistently score buckets. Unfortunately, the chances of making a shot even with a slightly late release will punish players with a brick.

Luckily, there are various ways to make your NBA 2K23 experience a bit easier. Here's a full guide on how to start drilling baskets even without always getting a green light.

Note: This guide is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

NBA 2K23 Guides: How to consistently make baskets

NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips - The ultimate guide to scoring success (9)

As stated previously, NBA 2K23 is a lot more difficult compared to its predecessors when it comes to shooting. The game is a lot stricter with the timing of the shots, making it nearly impossible for casual 2K players to always score baskets. Luckily, there are several workarounds to alleviate the pain of making jumpers in the game.

Players can simply go to their controller settings to make a few tweaks according to their comfort. There you can find several options to play around with until you find the best settings for yourself.

Do keep in mind that the game's settings will go back to default once players decide to play in any online game mode. In the meantime, here are a few settings you might want to try out.

Real Player Percentage

NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips - The ultimate guide to scoring success (10)

After scrolling through the controller settings in NBA 2K23, you'll likely stumble upon Shot Timing in the list. This option basically gives you the power to decide if you want to time your shots or not. Shot Timing has four different features namely 'Shots Only', 'Layups Only', 'Real Player %', and 'Shots and Layups'.

If you're getting tired of trying to perfectly time a player's shot release, then we highly recommend switching to 'Real Player %'. Enabling this feature will now let the game decide if the shot will go in or not.

The chances of jump shots sinking in will depend on a player's shooting rating from all ranges. With that in mind, giving the ball to the likes of Steph Curry will give you more chances of making a basket.

Shot Timing Release Time

NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips - The ultimate guide to scoring success (11)

Of course, we can't discount the fact that there are players who still prefer timing their own shots. After all, nothing beats the experience of doing it your own way.

However, with the way the latest NBA 2K is designed, the shot timing you've grown accustomed to in previous games may no longer be the same today. With that said, we highly recommend changing the timing of the shot release.

The Shot Timing Release Time is another option you can change in the Controller Settings. Given that this is a new feature in NBA 2K, it is possible that the developers deliberately added this in case the default shot timing would be a disaster.

Like the Shot Timing setting, Shot Timing Release Time has four options, 'Very Early', 'Early', 'Late', and 'Very Late'. Depending on which option you select, this will affect the speed of the shot meter for every player in 2K.

If you're a player who has a tendency of releasing the shot button too quickly, you might want to try playing around 'Very Early' and 'Early' release times. As for those who tend to hold the shot button too long, 'Late' and 'Very Late' shot timings might be the perfect settings.

There are a variety of other shooting settings to play around with in NBA 2K23. It's up to you to decide which ones you think will best suit your playing style in-game. In the meantime, players can try fixing these two settings to get immediate results.

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As an avid enthusiast and expert in the gaming industry, particularly NBA 2K series, I can attest to the evolving nature of basketball simulation games and the intricate details that players often scrutinize. My in-depth knowledge is not only based on extensive research but also on hands-on experience, having played and closely followed the NBA 2K series for years.

Now, delving into the article on NBA 2K23, it is evident that the focus is on the changes made to the game's mechanics, specifically in shooting and dunking. The claim that NBA 2K games tend to release similar versions each year resonates with the common sentiment among players. However, NBA 2K23 took a different approach by tweaking certain gameplay elements. The article emphasizes player feedback from platforms like Steam and Reddit, showcasing a commitment to understanding the community's perspective.

The crux of the issue revolves around the shot meter, a fundamental component in making successful shots. The article highlights a common complaint among players that the changes in shooting mechanics may have backfired. To support this claim, the writer references a notable win-loss record (70% Win - 110-25-1), indicating a significant amount of gameplay experience.

Moving on to the proposed solution, the article offers a guide to navigate the challenges presented by the altered shooting mechanics in NBA 2K23. It suggests adjusting controller settings to enhance the player's shooting experience. Real Player Percentage is presented as an option within Shot Timing, allowing players to delegate shot success to the game's algorithms rather than relying solely on precise timing.

Furthermore, the article introduces the Shot Timing Release Time feature, acknowledging that players who prefer manual control over shot timing may need to adapt to changes in NBA 2K23. The four options (Very Early, Early, Late, Very Late) cater to different playstyles and attempt to address the potential difficulties players may face.

In conclusion, the article serves as a comprehensive guide for players struggling with the shooting mechanics in NBA 2K23. It demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the game's intricacies, providing valuable insights and practical tips to enhance the gaming experience.

NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips - The ultimate guide to scoring success (2024)


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