The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (2024)

Passwords are the first line of defense against unwanted access to your data. If your passwords are insecure, you risk becoming a victim of attackers, leading to loss of access to personal data, severe financial losses, and even theft of personal information.

It is extremely important for companies and organizations to make sure their employees use only secure passwords at the workplace. Insecure passwords can become a weak link in protecting corporate systems, even if all other security measures are met.

Creating strong, unique passwords and updating them are essential requirements when online security is critical. Let's look at what you can do to protect your accounts and how to choose the best password manager that will help keep your personal and professional data safe.

How to choose a password management app

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A password vault, also known as a password manager or password locker, is a software application designed to securely store usernames and passwords for various applications in an encrypted format. When choosing a password vault, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Two-factor authentication.: 2FA provides an additional layer of security. In addition to the password, it requires re-confirmation of identification via SMS, authentication applications, or physical keys

  • Data encryption. It is important that your password management app uses advanced data encryption, such as AES-256. Make sure passwords and other sensitive data are stored encrypted both on the device and when transmitted over the Internet

  • Ease of use. An intuitive interface is a crucial factor for the comfortable use of a password manager. Check out reviews from other users or try the app yourself to see how easy it is to use the service

  • Cross-platform. Best password managers are usually compatible with different operating systems and devices. This will ensure you can access your passwords and data regardless of whether you are using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Many password management services also have cloud storage to sync data between devices

  • Password generator. One of the most valuable tools in a password manager. The password generator creates random, complex passwords that are difficult to crack. It also allows you to customize settings such as password length and use of letters, numbers, and special characters. When looking for the best password manager, make sure it has this feature

  • Storing important data. Some password management solutions allow you to store passwords and other information, such as bank card numbers, passport details, bank account information, etc.

  • Account security analysis: To check whether existing passwords are strong and determine which ones may be vulnerable, some password managers can analyze account security. This feature also helps prevent data leaks from sites where you are registered and recommends changing passwords for greater security

  • Tracking. Many companies integrate trackers into their applications to collect user data. Although the presence of trackers does not always mean that your personal information will sooner or later fall into the wrong hands, before choosing a password manager, ensure that the company uses as few such trackers as possible. This can be done using special sites

  • Cost. Before you sign up for any password management app, check to see if it has a free trial period and what features are available in the paid version. Choose the service that suits your budget and requirements

  • Reputation. The company's reputation is also paramount. Otherwise, you risk having your passwords leaked. We advise you to choose only proven solutions, and before purchasing a subscription, you should read the privacy policy and check user reviews to find out about the reliability and quality of service

Top password managers of 2024


The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (2)
1Password is one of the leading password management solutions on the market. The first release of the app took place in 2006. The service stands out for its intuitive interface and convenient way to store and manage credentials, passwords, banking information, and other confidential information. The app is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android and offers extensions for all popular browsers. 1Password uses advanced encryption to protect your data and two-factor authentication for added security.


  • High level of security. 1Password uses powerful AES-256 encryption to protect your data. The company does not store encryption keys or access passwords on its servers, which makes hacking your account almost impossible
  • Intuitive interface. The application is easy to use, allowing users to easily find, manage, and change their passwords and credentials
  • Abundance of features. 1Password offers a wide range of features, including password autofill, a secure password generator, and secure document storage
  • Cross-platform. The service works on various devices and platforms and is also compatible with many popular browsers
  • Privacy-friendly. 1Password has virtually no trackers. 1 tracker on the website and 0 in the app


  • No free trial. Unlike other password managers, 1Password does not offer a free version, preventing some users from trying out the service
  • Complexity for new users. Despite the intuitive interface, the abundance of features can make the application difficult for new users to use


The cost of a 1Password subscription depends on the plan you choose. The company offers several plans, including individual, family, and corporate. A personal plan costs about $3 per month, while a family plan costs approximately $5 per month. For business users, plans with advanced management and security features are available, starting at $8 monthly. The company often holds promotions and offers discounts, especially for long-term subscriptions.


The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (3)
Dashlane is a popular password management tool launched in 2012 and has since gained widespread popularity as one of the most secure and convenient services for managing passwords and personal data. Dashlane can automatically fill out forms to store passwords and sensitive data. In addition, it offers fast information transfer and data leak monitoring. The service is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android and offers extensions for all popular browsers. Dashlane integrates with other services and applications and has unique features such as VPN and darknet monitoring.


  • Multi-layered security. Dashlane uses AES-256 encryption to protect data and also offers two-factor authentication for added security
  • Ease of use. Intuitive interface and auto-fill make it easy to manage passwords and personal information
  • Additional features. In addition to password management, Dashlane has Dark web Monitoring. This security feature prevents password leaks and scans the darknet, where information is traded and sold, looking for your credentials
  • Device synchronization. Users can easily sync their passwords and data across devices and platforms


  • Complexity for new users. Despite the intuitive interface, navigating the application can be difficult, especially for beginners
  • Privacy issues. 7 trackers on the website and 3 in the app


Several plans are available for Dashlane users, including free, premium, family, and business plans. A subscription to a premium plan costs about $3 per month. The cost of a family and business plan depends on the number of included accounts and additional functions, which are, on average, $5 and $8, respectively.


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RoboForm can rightfully be considered a veteran on the market. The service was launched in 1999 and still occupies one of the leading positions in the market. Users can securely manage their logins, passwords, IDs, notes, banking information, and other important information. One of the distinctive features of RoboForm is the form auto-fill function, which saves time and prevents you from making mistakes when entering data. The application is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and supports all popular browsers. RoboForm also offers services for exchanging passwords and securely maintaining a contact list.


  • Form auto-fill
  • Features for storing notes, creating security IDs, and managing contacts
  • AES encryption and two-factor authentication to protect user data and add security
  • Supports all platforms and browsers
  • Privacy-friendly. 3 trackers in the app


  • Outdated interface
  • Lack of advanced features such as darknet monitoring


RoboForm users have several subscription options available. The free plan is suitable for basic password management on a single device. Paid options offer additional features, including cross-device synchronization, backup, and password sharing. RoboForm Everywhere starts at around $2 per month, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. Family and business plans are also available, offering additional features for user groups and businesses.


The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (5)
NordPass, created by the NordVPN team, first came out in 2019 and, despite its relative newness, quickly became a popular password manager. This password manager is designed to securely store and manage credentials, passwords, notes, and personal information. NordPass can be downloaded on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android or installed as a browser extension. Using modern encryption technologies, NordPass provides a high level of data security. Additionally, it offers useful features such as a password generator, secure storage, and password-sharing capabilities.


  • Advanced XChaCha20 encryption
  • Besides passwords, you can store encrypted notes and personal data. Passwords can also be securely shared with other users
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Privacy-friendly. 4 trackers in the app


  • Lacks advanced features such as weak password check
  • Support response time


NordPass users have both free and paid subscriptions available. The free version has basic password management features and is suitable for individual use. A paid subscription offers advanced features, including unlimited devices, password synchronization, secure sharing, and two-factor authentication. The cost of NordPass Premium starts from approximately $1.5 per month. Family plans are also available, allowing you to share your subscription with multiple users, giving each of them individual accounts full access to Premium features.


The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (6)
Keeper is one of the best password managers and digital safes designed for individuals, families, and businesses. The app was first released in 2009 to provide secure storage and management of passwords, personal data, financial information, and other critical digital records. Keeper is highly secure, using sophisticated encryption methods to protect user data. In addition to standard password management features, it offers data leak protection, secure file sharing, and two-factor authentication. Keeper is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, also offering extensions for all major browsers.


  • AES-256 encryption provides reliable protection of personal information
  • Supports various platforms and devices
  • Additional security features such as secure file storage, data leak monitoring, and secure sharing
  • There are versions for both individual use and for families and businesses


  • Complex interface. New users may have difficulty navigating due to the abundance of features and settings


The service offers various tariff plans, including free and paid versions. Users of the free plan can access basic password management without synchronization between devices. The paid plan offers an unlimited number of devices, password synchronization, secure file storage, and data leak monitoring. The cost of an individual plan starts from approximately $2 per month with an annual subscription. Family and Business plans offer additional features for multiple users and team management, and prices vary depending on the number of users and features needed.


The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (7)
LastPass is one of the world's most recognizable and best password managers. Since its release in 2008, the service has undergone a significant transformation, and today, it offers a convenient solution for managing passwords and storing financial information, digital notes, and other personal data. Its main goal is to simplify logging into accounts and protect confidential information from intruders. LastPass is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android and as an extension for all popular browsers. The service uses state-of-the-art encryption to keep your data secure and offers a variety of features, including auto-filling forms, a password generator, and secure password sharing.


  • High level of security. LastPass uses sophisticated data encryption, including AES-256 encryption on the client side, ensuring maximum security
  • Intuitive interface. A user-friendly interface makes the password management process simple and clear, even for inexperienced users
  • Automatically fill and generate passwords. LastPass makes it easy to create and store complex passwords for each site
  • Versatile. In addition to password management, LastPass offers storage for encrypted notes, banking information, and other personal data


  • Complexity of some features. Some users may have difficulty setting up and using all LastPass features
  • Privacy issues. 9 trackers on the website and 11 in the app


LastPass offers different pricing plans. The free plan is suitable for basic password management but limits the use of the service to one type of device (either mobile or desktop). Paid plans like LastPass Premium and Families offer additional features, including advanced multi-factor authentication, cross-device syncing, and improved support. LastPass Premium starts at around $3 per month, while the LastPass Families plan, which provides access for up to 6 users, costs around $4 per month. Enterprise plans with advanced management and security features are available for business users.

Sticky Password

The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (8)
Sticky Password is a password manager developed in 2001 to help users securely manage credentials and personal information. With Sticky Password, you can store passwords, banking details, IDs, and other important information. Sticky Password supports auto-filling forms, creating complex passwords, and syncing data across devices. This password manager can store data in the cloud and locally on the user's device. The application is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems, and for popular web browsers.


  • Multiple data storage options. you can choose between cloud and local
  • Auto-filling makes it easier to log into sites and fill out forms, saving the user time
  • Compatible with various operating systems and browsers, makes it a universal solution for different devices
  • Privacy-friendly. 2 trackers in the app


  • Outdated interface


Users have access to both free and paid subscription options. The free version provides basic password management functionality but does not include cross-device synchronization or cloud storage. The paid option offers advanced features, including unlimited devices to sync, cloud storage, and priority support. The cost of a Premium subscription starts from approximately $40 per year. Sticky Password also offers a perpetual license, which can benefit users who prefer a one-time purchase instead of an annual subscription in the long run.

Avira Password Manager

The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (9)
Avira Password Manager is a product from the famous German antivirus software developer Avira, first released in 2006. This password manager is designed to manage passwords and personal data easily and securely. It provides centralized credentials storage and automatic form filling on websites and applications. Compatibility with major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, and with popular browsers makes Avira Password Manager a convenient tool for users of various platforms. The service uses encryption to protect user data and offers several features to improve cybersecurity, such as generating secure passwords and monitoring data leaks.


  • Easy to use. Avira Password Manager has an intuitive interface even for inexperienced users
  • Security. Client-side data encryption protects personal information from unauthorized access
  • Cross-platform. The manager can be used on different operating systems and browsers
  • Security Monitoring. Data leak monitoring and password generator feature improves account security


  • Lack of advanced features. Compared to leading password managers, Avira Password Manager does not offer secure file storage or two-factor authentication
  • Privacy issues. 8 trackers in the app


Both free and paid versions are available to application users. The free plan includes basic password management features and is suitable for regular users. The paid version, Avira Password Manager Pro, provides additional features such as data leak monitoring and multi-account support. The cost of the Pro version starts at approximately $3 per month. There are also plans for business users and organizations, with additional management and security features.

Password Boss

The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (10)
Password Boss is an advanced password manager developed in 2014 to simplify data management for ordinary users and business clients. The service can store passwords, banking information, digital notes and other personal information. Password Boss supports automatic form filling and strong password generation, making accessing online accounts easier and improving overall security. The program is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android and for popular browsers.


  • Encryption at the banking system level to protect user data
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Auto-fill function
  • Cross-platform. The application is available for all major operating systems and browsers
  • Privacy-friendly. 3 trackers in the app


  • Lack of advanced features. Compared to other top password managers, Password Boss does not offer some advanced features such as data leak monitoring or phishing protection


Password Boss users have both free and paid subscription options available. The free plan has limited features and is intended for individual users. Paid versions, including Personal and Business, offer unlimited devices, cloud storage and priority support. The cost of the Personal plan starts from approximately $3 per month with an annual subscription.


The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (11)
Bitwarden is an open-source password management solution that provides users with a secure and easy way to store their credentials. For the first time, Bitwarden was introduced in August 2016 as a mobile application for iOS and Android and an extension for the Chrome and Opera browsers. The service allows you to store passwords, banking information, notes, and other vital data and also offers automatic form filling and generation of complex passwords. Bitwarden supports operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Among other things, Bitwarden can be run on your server. Bitwarden's open-source code allows the community of developers and security experts to improve and update the product continually. In addition, the code is fully checked for potential backdoors and other security issues.


  • The program code is available for review and audit, providing users with additional guarantees regarding security.
  • Versatility. Support for multiple platforms and browsers makes Bitwarden a convenient solution for different devices
  • Password generator and auto-fill
  • Advanced encryption technology
  • Privacy-friendly. 4 trackers on the website and 2 in the app


  • Interface and usability. Despite its functionality, Bitwarden's interface may seem less intuitive compared to some other password managers


One of the key advantages of Bitwarden is its affordable price. In the free version, users can access all the basic password management functions, synchronization between devices, and a password generator. The paid version provides additional features, such as advanced authentication and improved file encryption, starting at around $10 per year. Family and business plans also give you access to additional features for sharing and managing passwords in groups.

Comparison of best password managers 2023

Password ManagerMain characteristicsSecurity typeEase of usePrice
1PasswordHigh security, abundance of featuresAES-256 encryption, two-factor authenticationIntuitive interface, cross-platform$3-8/month
DashlaneUnique features including VPN and darknet monitoringAES-256 encryption, VPN, darknet monitoringAuto-fill, cross-platform$3-8/month
RoboFormReliable security, advanced auto-fill featuresStrong encryption, two-factor authenticationAdvanced autofill features$2/month
NordPassAdvanced encryptionXChaCha20 encryption, two-factor authenticationIntuitive interface$1.5-2/month
KeeperAdvanced Security, Flexible PricingAES-256 encryption, secure file storageIntuitive interface, flexible setup$2/month
LastPassGreat free planAES-256 encryption, multi-factor authenticationEase of use, wide compatibility$3-4/month
Sticky PasswordPortable version, local storageAES-256 encryption, local storage optionPortable USB version, intuitive interface$2-3/month
Avira Password ManagerEasy installation, lots of featuresStandard encryptionEasy to install and use$1.5/month
Password BossLots of additional featuresAES-256 encryption, secure exchangeUser-friendly interface, multifunctionality$3/month
BitwardenOpen source, affordableAES-256 encryptionEasy to use$1/month

How to keep your password vault secure

Once you've decided on a suitable password management service, it's equally important to understand how to use it correctly. Here's where to start:

Create a strong master password: The master password is the key to your accounts

Use two-factor authentication (2FA): Enable 2FA for an additional layer of security that will help protect your data even if you lose your master password

Update passwords regularly: Use a password generator to create strong passwords and update them regularly

Be careful with sharing: If you use the password-sharing feature, do so only with trusted people and on secure networks

Update your software regularly: To access the latest features and fixes, be sure to update your password manager to the latest version regularly

Beware of phishing and scams: Do not reveal your master password or any information about your password manager


There are plenty of password managers on the market today, each with unique features. From simple and affordable solutions to more complex and multifunctional systems, there is a suitable option for everyone.

When choosing a password manager, consider aspects such as encryption, user-friendly interface, cross-platform, additional features and cost.

Finally, remember that even using the best password manager is the least you can do to keep yourself safe. Update your passwords regularly and always use two-factor authentication whenever possible. This way, you can efficiently manage passwords and protect your data.

As an expert in cybersecurity and password management, it's clear that the article provides comprehensive insights into the importance of strong passwords and the role of password managers in enhancing online security. The author covers various aspects, including the potential risks of insecure passwords, the necessity for companies to enforce secure password practices, and the criteria for choosing an effective password manager. Let's break down the concepts and discuss each aspect mentioned in the article.

Importance of Secure Passwords:

The article emphasizes the significance of secure passwords as the first line of defense against unauthorized access. It highlights the potential consequences of insecure passwords, such as data loss, financial losses, and theft of personal information.

Role of Companies and Organizations:

The article underscores the responsibility of companies and organizations in ensuring that employees use secure passwords. It points out that even with robust security measures in place, insecure passwords can be a weak link in protecting corporate systems.

Choosing a Password Manager:

The article provides a detailed guide on how to choose a password manager, listing essential features to consider:

  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): The importance of an additional layer of security beyond passwords.
  2. Data Encryption (AES-256): Ensuring passwords and sensitive data are securely stored and transmitted.
  3. Ease of Use: The importance of an intuitive interface for comfortable use.
  4. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Compatibility with various operating systems and devices.
  5. Password Generator: The value of a tool that creates strong, complex passwords.
  6. Storing Important Data: Some password managers allow storage of additional sensitive information.
  7. Account Security Analysis: Analyzing password strength and identifying vulnerabilities.
  8. Tracking: Concerns about user data tracking and the importance of minimizing trackers.
  9. Cost: Checking for trial periods, features in the free version, and choosing based on budget and requirements.
  10. Reputation: Emphasizing the importance of choosing reputable and reliable solutions.

Top Password Managers:

The article reviews and compares several popular password managers, highlighting their pros and cons:

  1. 1Password
  2. Dashlane
  3. RoboForm
  4. NordPass
  5. Keeper
  6. LastPass
  7. Sticky Password
  8. Avira Password Manager
  9. Password Boss
  10. Bitwarden

For each password manager, the article covers aspects such as security features, ease of use, pricing, and potential drawbacks.

Tips for Secure Password Management:

The article concludes with practical tips for using a password manager effectively, including creating a strong master password, enabling two-factor authentication, regular password updates, cautious sharing of passwords, regular software updates, and awareness of phishing and scams.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive and well-researched guide for individuals and businesses on the importance of secure passwords and the selection of an appropriate password manager to enhance online security.

The best password managers and most secure virtual vaults of 2024 (2024)


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