[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (2024)

Hoi4 Mods That Provide A New Experience

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (1)

Choose Your Nation...

Hoi4 mods come in quantity and quality, with its dedicated group of players showing their appreciation towards the game by elevating the amount of content that can be included.

Here, we'll see twenty-five of the best mods on steam ranging from total conversions, Alternate Universes, and even mods that introduce new mechanics and graphics to elevate the gameplay. Either way, your dream of conquering familiar and new settings through your armies will be fulfilled while reaching new heights.

1: Old World Blues

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (2)

A Post Apoclyptic Playground.

Look no further if you're looking to experience Fallout through the gameplay of Hearts of Iron 4. Old World Blues will allow you to play familiar and not-so-familiar factions through which you can paint maps while exploring brand-new features made by a dedicated mod team!

The mod's focus will narrow in on factions within America since that's where most of the lore is based. When the mod first began, the mod was primarily focused on the west coast, encompassing states like California, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon.

These days the mod has been updated to take place in states like Montana and Idaho, giving you factions like the NCR, Caesar's Legion, several brotherhood factions new and old, and much more created by the modding team to add their own flavor to the Fallout Universe! The team even added several mechanics to spice up the game, including the following:​

  • A currency system with trade nodes that can hamper or help you field a larger army.​
  • Brand new national focuses that stay faithful to the Fallout lore.
  • Innovative features like Power Armor, including in-lore vehicles and weapons.
  • Uniquely designed U.I. that fits the setting perfectly.
  • New Manpower mechanics that force players to adjust playstyles for situations.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2265420196

2: Kaiserreich

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (3)

New Era, New War.

For those seeking an alternate reality World War 2 experience in Hoi4, where the Central Powers won the first World War, Kaiserraich is a must. Enjoy playthroughs of a Germany that still has a Kaiser, a syndicalist France, and an English Monarchy in Exile in Canada!

When you eventually get bored with playing out the same scenarios in Hoi4 Vanilla, you can spice up your experience with this alternate-history take that shows the consequences of a vengeful Entente aiming for revenge against Germany.

Are you tired of playing with Fascist or Communist governments? Try out syndicalist governments that will dominate countries like France And the U.K. to try new shades of warfare! Even America is guaranteed a civil war in this mod if that's more of your speed!

  • National Focuses that bring life to an alternate history that will immerse with new lore.
  • New experiences with countries you may have already played in the past.
  • Brand new character portraits expertly made to display new and familiar faces.
  • A revamped political system that encourages new playstyles.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521695605

3. The Great War

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (4)

Old times, new times, fun times.

With how Battlefield 1 brought back a rabid interest in the first World War, it's only natural that you experience such an event from an FPS to an RTS. Having the privilege to manage trench warfare across Europe and the world is something you shouldn't pass up so quickly with old-fashioned weapons and tactics used in this conversion mod!

Take the opportunity to manage one of the nations aligned with the Entente or the Central Powers, and in this mod, you won't just have the chance to change history but play beyond World War I as well and see where the consequences may lie! This mod is perfect for those who wish to shape the world and see where it takes you.

  • Immersive weapons and gear that submerge you into WWI-styled warfare.
  • Have a different treaty of Versailles to shape the world post-WWI
  • Unique focus trees for countries like Serbia, Poland, and the German Empire

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521695605

4. Metro

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (5)

Fear what's above as much as what is below.

The metro mod on Hoi4 will offer a darker, grungier version of the game for those that desire one of the most unique takes on an RTS campaign. Experience the metro world through the eyes of a commander trying to eke out an existence for their campaign in the station cities below the earth!

The metro mod will offer you a campaign unlike anything you've experienced with your military forces being forced to fight in tight-interwoven subway stations to expand their control. Much like in the universe, resources are scarce, and anything you knew previously on tactics will need to change drastically if you want to survive and thrive in this unforgiving universe.

  • Fight in tight tunnels and stations that give little room for maneuverability.
  • Manage scarce resources to try and outlast the competition near you.
  • Play through unique metro factions like the Fourth Reich or Emerald City.
  • Have the opportunity to play against an end-game threat from the surface.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2620272492

5. Road to 56

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (6)

45 just isn't enough.

If you don't want to stray too far from the vanilla version of Hoi4 but still want a different spin on it, then having the opportunity to play up to the year 1956 may be what doctor Field Marshall ordered. Technically any player in Hoi4 can play up to 56, but what makes this mod different are the tech trees and extended national focuses to accommodate this extension.

Instead of settling for a nine-year war, armchair generals can delight in giving themselves the excuse to have a cold war if desired after either the fall of Germany or the fall of the Soviet Union. To make the mod more tempting, new national focuses will create fantastic alternate history paths for map painters seeking to change things.

  • New laws to implement for your nations to add more variety in playthroughs.
  • New nations can be released and created to add replay value.
  • Previously irrelevant nations can now stand out thanks to their national focuses.
  • A revamped tech tree that reaches the year 1956.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820260968

6. Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (7)

Let's crank it into overtime.

This mod will fast forward the default time period to the cold war with start dates between 1949-1970. You'll be able to enjoy brand new national focuses that fit the times while navigating the destructive new weapons that exist in this era.

Some of the aforementioned weapons for those willing to violate the Geneva Convention include the likes of Chemical, Nuclear, and Biological weapons. Add that with some incredible new portraits and models to fill the map, and you have yourself a winner of a mod!

  • A DEFCON and MAD systems for the New World Orders.
  • A United Nations mechanic to give realism to the era.
  • An economic system through which multiple weapon purchases can be made.
  • A unique tech tree that can last through 70 years.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1458561226

7. Player-Led Peace Conferences

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (8)

For those who despise the current peace conference meta.

Navigating a peace conference with a pesky A.I. muddling affairs can be frustrating for even the most seasoned Hoi4 player. So why not control the outcome of all war endings with this mod?

With this mod, you can control how much land you gain or puppet in a peace conference and how much land any other A.I. participants get. In short, all players get priority in this mod, and if you are feeling greedy or want a better way to roleplay without creating horrific-looking maps, then download this away!

  • Have complete control of what happens during peace conferences.
  • You can control peace outcomes even with a low war score.
  • Manipulate which A.I. participants get which pieces of land at your discretion.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=846066944

8. Expert A.I. 4.0

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (9)

A perfect excuse to prep yourself for playing against actual people.

For those seeking a better challenge without overhauling your entire game, the Expert A.I. mod can ensure a more innovative and efficient A.I. While the A.I. in Hoi4 isn't terrible, there are clear improvements that it can make in terms of logistics and strategy that this mod can address.

The A.I. that is designed in this mod will not only prioritize more intelligent strategies to trip you up with but will also explore different templates to better demolish your forces. With all that being said, you should understand some restrictions and notes to best use the A.I.

  • This mod is best played with Historical A.I. in mind to not complicate behaviors
  • Avoid any significant mods that can interfere with the mod design
  • This will primarily affect the tech paths, templates, and national focus chosen by A.I.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741805475

9. Millennium Dawn

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (10)

Throw enough nukes, and you won't have to worry about a third Millenium.

Millenium Dawn Will fast-forward you to ] modern-day maps from where you can change present-day geopolitics and create a future of your making. Known for being one of the most popular Hoi4 mods today, Armchair Generals will finally have the chance to see which of their nations can trounce the other in the present!

The mod starts in the year 2000, allowing countless nations with unique national focuses to choose from to make present-day maps look, unlike the one you could be playing on. With factors like terrorism and high tech in the game, you'll encounter fresh challenges that test your mettle.

  • A tech tree that spans to 2035.
  • Models that better reflect the modern era to improve immersion
  • An economic system that will challenge you with debt, corruption, and more.
  • A new sound design that captures the modern era along with its designs.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2777392649

10. Country Roulette

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (11)

Why not leave it up to fate?

As chaotic as it is fun, the Country Roulette mod will put you into situations where you switch countries during a campaign and force you to tackle the challenges a previously A.I.-run country was experiencing.

With intervals spanning from a month to a few years, you could wind up fighting against your own nation and the elite divisions you yourself built up, forcing you to change strategies depending on your new situation.

If you want to push yourself to try nations, you wouldn't usually play and get put out of your comfort zone, and this mod can excel in doing that.

You don't have to worry about failure too much since you'll change nations one way or another. Depending on your setting and preferences, you could very well play against your previously controlled country.

  • Compatible with all mods.
  • Convenient control for when you switch to a new country.
  • Compatible with multiplayer.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1422190791

11. Soldiers' Radio

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (12)

Classic times with classic tunes.

It goes without saying that music can often make or break the atmosphere of a game. Thankfully, Soldier's Radio will offer over seven hundred songs that will fit with the time period you're playing in and the wartime atmosphere as a whole.

You and any player will find yourselves immersed into each country you play in since nations will have their dedicated tracks not just to fit the times but the location and people you're playing through.

You can even see the tracklist on Youtube to see which specific songs resonate with you the most if you desire!

  • Have the ability to listen beyond the ten regular tracks in-game
  • Listen to music catered to the different nations you play as.
  • Patriotic wartime songs that can get the blood pumping.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1637452557

12.Unique Infantry Equipment

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (13)

For those who yearn for a larger arsenal.

For immersion lovers out there who want to have weapon aesthetics that actually match up with a country, then look no further. Weapons like the M1 Garand or the SKS will make appearances in countries they initially should have!

These weapons are going to appear from the time periods of 1918-146. The localization of them will be accurate, leaving you to properly mow down enemy divisions with the proper tools of the trade!

  • Over fifty different versions of service rifles from significant companies.
  • The mod creator is very responsive to any mistakes or corrections that are in need.
  • Weapon variety from the years of 1918-1946.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=739173012

13. World News Mod

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (14)

War Crimes! War Crimes! Read all about it!

Anyone who plays other paradox games and has dabbled in Victoria II's news mechanic will appreciate what this mod offers. While mainly cosmetic, You'll have the opportunity to see other tidbits of information that occur throughout the world you're fighting within.

While undergoing in-depth operations or battle plans, the news will pop on your screen to see how other individuals or civilizations are faring in this war-torn world.

It will help add to the atmosphere of the wars that you fight in while showing the struggles and other exciting happenings of others around you.

  • A perfect nod to those who love and appreciate a familiar mechanic for Victoria II lovers.
  • Excellent for immersing players further into the game's setting.
  • More than 180 originally made articles in the mod.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2013056623

14. Thicc Cities

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (15)

For the average urban enjoyer.

Fans of Urban warfare will be able to ply their favorite trade with this mod of truly experiencing how much of a grind this style of combat can be. Some of the most famous and notable cities across the world expanded from single to multiple tiled provinces, making conquering them more challenging for those up to the task.

This will also come with the added benefit of making city battles fairer for the defender if you believe in the evening the playing field in that regard.

You should be wary of adding this with other graphic mods, however, as it can lead to complications in terms of design and playability if attempted. Cities that will be affected include the following but aren't limited to:

  • Moscow
  • Berlin
  • Shanghai
  • Krakow
  • Paris

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1616137821

15. City Maker

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (16)

The perfect segway.

A perfect segway from our previous mod would be the City Maker mod, which, as its name implies, allows you to create new cities from the construction panel!

After all, if you feel that you're still not getting enough urban warfare for your liking, then why not create more cities to fight and die in?

You'll even have the opportunity to name your new city where your new residents will reside, hoping the war doesn't come to their doorstep. Keep in mind, however, that making an entire city is quite taxing and will take a bit of time to it complete, so make sure you don't need any immediate factories at that moment.

  • Ensure that the new name for your city is under thirty-two characters
  • The Construction cost for a new city will be 20,000
  • Paired excellently well for those who like the Thicc Cities Mod.

Get the mod link here: Steam Workshop:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1616137821

16.BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (17)

For those who desire to suffer.

Challenges can be hard to come upon for grizzled veterans, making this mod quite popular thanks to the revamping of national focuses and existing mechanics.

The Back ICE Mod caters to those who want a more challenging historical-aligned game, along with new tech trees and national focus trees will be implemented to make the challenge for the player all more present.

Along with the mechanics being switched up, the A.I. is also changed to act accordingly for a more daunting task that players can overcome. If you love suffering and sweating in your seat while the A.I. matches you blow for blow with new historical playthrough changes, then download away and enjoy.

  • Revamped Air battle mechanics with realistic statistics and losses
  • New revamped laws to fit different playstyles.
  • New tech and focus trees to offer new gameplay experiences.
  • New battalion types to refit your templates with.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137372539

17.The New Order: Last Days of Europe

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (18)

When Steiner's counter-attack worked!

The New Order seems to take a page out of Wolfenstein's playbook in a Europe dominated by Germany that won WWII. Unlike in Wolfenstein, you, the player, can have a hand in toppling this bloated regime or cementing its power through your choices in this alternate-history mod. It sounds like a pleasant way to spend your evenings after work from the looks of it.

Along with new National Focuses that come with this mod, you can also expect the possibility of tackling a civil war or two to spice up your gameplay, whether you're playing as America, Germany, or Russia, to cement your power base and remove dissent when needed.

These superpowers you're playing as raring to become world powers, but you can undo yourself with the wrong decisions in this new take on the cold war.

  • NewPost World War 2 ideologies to play through in this mod.
  • Nuclear war, along with the possibility of a post-apocalyptic world.
  • A reworked tech tree to fit this dark and tense timeline
  • Revamped focuses on the likes of China, America, Himmler's Burgundy, and more.

Get the mod link here: Steam Workshop:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2438003901

18. Modern Day 4

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (19)

Reject the past. Embrace horrifying modernism.

If Millenium Dawn just isn't modern enough for you, then fear not, because this mod allows you to play Hoi4 in a 2017 setting and onwards, to where history has yet to be written! The best part about this is that you can rewrite history with some good ol' fashioned violence, politics, and conquest in a timeline that's possibly too quiet for your liking and in need of some noise.

On top of the new focuses and tech trees, you'll also need to juggle new factors to stay in power, including the management of the climate and fossil fuels and overseeing internal factions within your nation. Not even elections are safe for you to ignore if you run a democratic country, so make sure that you stay on the right people's good side!

  • Nato Mechanic to manage internal and external issues.
  • Research is going to be much slower and more meaningful.
  • Modernized 3D models that fit the setting.
  • Civil Wars are much more meaningful and challenging than the average type.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1241177173

19. In the Name of the Tzar

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (20)

More monarchs to die for!

In yet another alternative timeline mod, as the name implies, you'll be taking command of a country in a world where Russia Won WWI and managed to keep its monarchy intact, significantly changing the world with a disunited Germany.

Step into the shoes of someone leading a nation feeling the aftereffects of the Brusilov offensive finding success.

What's interesting about this new setup for WWII is that the United States didn't truly enter the first world, leaving the player to decide if it stays isolationist or warms up its war machine while Bavaria becomes communist!

The world is on the precipice of a new war, and it's time to rewrite history yet again through some elite map-painting skills!

  • Hand-drawn portraits that are expertly made for the times.
  • Be able to play new factions like Saxony, Niederdeutschland, and more.
  • New events for both Major and Minor countries are available.
  • National Focuses perfectly fit this alternate universe.

Get the mod link here: Steam Workshop:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1176852112

20. Texture Overhaul

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (21)

Average map painter's eye candy.

Staring at the same maps and battlegrounds where armies combat one another can be an eyesore after staring at them for so long.

Texture Overhaul seeks to fix this issue to your eyesight by improving and revamping the main textures on the map to seem more realistic and appealing to look at if that's what you want.

The mod is also quite compatible with most mods and other mods like Multiplayer and Achievements, so you don't have to worry about it overtly affecting your core gameplay. The lighting is also improved, ensuring that it gives a more realistic yet practical look.

  • No performance loss when using this mod.
  • Light reflection and depth correctness will be implemented.
  • Compatible with updates.

Get the mod link here: Steam Workshop:https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1631293381

21. Puppet Manager

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (22)

Help! I'm being repressed!

Managing puppets is shockingly shallow in terms of content on Hoi4, which this mod thankfully addresses by giving more options and avenues through which you can interact with them.

You will not be able to lord over your subjects with greater efficiency that befits a tyrant of your stature by claiming colonies and founding a national integration movement should you desire.

You'll have plenty of new options through which you can manipulate, control, or throw crumbs at your subjects, especially if you want to have a decision through which you can interact with them. Choose wisely while in the throes of war so that you can best use it to your advantage.

  • Relocate civilian factories in your subjects that can be useful for you.
  • Grant them independence if you're feeling kind.
  • Transfer control of states quickly between yourself and your subjects.

Get the mod link here: Steam Workshop:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1348125496

22. Expanded Tank Designer

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (23)

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Combat in Europe can be tipped toward any balance with the proper use of tanks, so why not customize them to the next level with an Expanded tank designer? Your limited options on what your tank can become will grow instantly with new possibilities and blueprints within your reach.

The majority of tank designs you will come across are German and American designs, but they're pretty in-depth all the same. To improve matters for all of our favorite tank commanders across the internet is that this mod gets updated frequently, usually including new tank designs every time.

  • The mod designer has an incredible open-door policy on how to best use their mod.
  • Have the chance to vote on the following tank designs.
  • Will cover all different types of tanks, from light to heavy versions.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2720456281

23. Increased Resources

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (24)

All of your resources belong to ours.

Much of WW2 was predicated on gaining resources which makes the core of many armchair general's strategies when starting a Hoi4 campaign. You can increase your build options with increased resources across specific continents and regions that will receive some much-needed attention from both the modder and you, the player.

There have been grumblings in the past that the current state of resources on the map isn't historically accurate, and this mod fixes that for those who desire a more 'pure' map when fighting for what you need. This way, you'll now have further incentive to send your men into the meat grinder to help fuel your war machine with the resources you need to survive.

  • Savegame Compatible.
  • Multiplayer compatible.
  • Primarily affects Africa, Australia, China, America, and the Middle East.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2730477961

24. Pax Britannica

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (25)

Seeing the future in new lenses.

Though this mod is new, the Pax Brittanica mod gives you plenty of options in a world where Nikola Tesla changed the world for the worse with his wireless power concept. The American Revolution didn't happen.

France wants to usurp Britain as a world power (again), and the Republic of Japan is looking to start a revolution in the pacific. With Russia looming over everyone as well to try and regain their lost glory, you have a powder keg that will give you bountiful replay value.

As mentioned before, this mod is still relatively new, however, meaning only a few nations have fully fleshed out national focuses, but that shouldn't deter you. This unique take on an alternate universe is exciting as it is interesting, and it will be curious to see how it develops into the future.

  • American, Russian and Asian Updates not far down the line
  • The mod developer is very open toward communication and suggestions
  • Primarily offers playthroughs for Britain, The United Kingdoms of Germany, and France.

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2792132018

25. Unit Reskins-A cosmetic Mod

[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (26)

The outfitter's eye candy.

Anyone can conquer the world, but it takes a true individual to conquer it in style. With this mod, you can ensure your troops look the part when they're liberating or oppressing the masses while making their homeland proud.

This texture mod covers major and minor countries to make everyone unique and stand out in terms of troop and even vehicle design.

Whether you're playing a nation from Europe, America, or Asia, it's almost guaranteed your military will stand out from the rest. With it being a recent mod, there is room for even more cosmetics to come in, creating great potential for those who desire immersion. Here is a short list of countries this mod includes:

  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Japan
  • China

Get the mod link here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2888377708

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[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience (2024)


[Top 25] Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods For A New Experience? ›

The BlackICE mod is one of the most popular and comprehensive mods for Hearts of Iron IV (HoI4). It aims to provide a more historically accurate and challenging World War II experience by overhauling various aspects of the game.

What is the most popular mod in HOI4? ›

The BlackICE mod is one of the most popular and comprehensive mods for Hearts of Iron IV (HoI4). It aims to provide a more historically accurate and challenging World War II experience by overhauling various aspects of the game.

Can you mod Hearts of Iron 4? ›

Modding, or creating mods, is the act of modifying the behavior of the base game (often referred to as vanilla), either for personal use, or to release publicly for other players, for instance - via the Steam Workshop. As for all Paradox games, Hearts of Iron IV is moddable to a great extent.

Does Hearts of Iron 4 have a workshop? ›

The Steam Workshop makes it easy to discover or share new content for your game or software.

How do I get an older version of Hearts of Iron 4? ›

Playing earlier versions
  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on Library and then on Games.
  3. Right-click on Hearts of Iron IV and from the menu that just opened select Properties.
  4. Click on Betas, where you can click on the Beta Participation blue down arrow.
  5. Select the version you want to opt into.

What code does HOI4 use? ›

UTF-8 and the HOI4 language

HOI4 has their own 'coding language', making it much easier to code but much less versatile. It's similar to the EU4 or CK2 language, but being a new iteration and a different game there will be several places the code doesn't overlap.

What code does Hearts of Iron 4 use? ›

The HOI4 Programming Language (HPL) is a domain-specific interpreter programming language made for sane HOI4 modding development.

How long to beat Hearts of Iron 4? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story4255h 21m
Main + Extras33400h 26m
Completionist181205h 37m
All PlayStyles93400h 26m

Is Hearts of Iron 4 endless? ›

There is no real enddate, just an end to the research tree. You can choose to keep playing after 1950 if you want.

What does Arms Against Tyranny add? ›

The expansion adds new focus trees and alternate histories for the northernmost nations of Europe, customization of weapons manufacturers, and new ways to take advantage of neutrality to profit your own citizens.

Which Hearts of Iron 4 DLC are worth it? ›

Though most often suggested dlc are waking the tiger or No step back, with waking the tiger having so many quality of life improvements, and no step back having army traits and rank designer and a good Eastern Europe trees. I would recommend against battle for the Bosporus, and death or dishonor.

What version of HoI4 is no step back? ›

No Step Back is the 4th expansion for Hearts of Iron IV.

What is Ironman mode in HoI4? ›

Ironman is an optional game mode that restricts the player's control over their save file, effectively removing the ability to correct mistakes or change decisions made during the course of play. Ironman can be enabled from the settings screen when starting a new campaign.

Can you play Hearts of Iron 4 without DLC? ›

Yes, playing without DLCs lets you get familiar with the core ideas of the game. But at the end of the day DLCs improve the game vastly compared to just vanilla. Vanilla tends to have a few more bugs or weird things happen since the game is sorta designed around having all DLCs, but nothing game-breaking.

Who has the most playtime on HOI4? ›

Most Hearts of Iron IV Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
2Kris (1-3) Monster Maximus Kris (1-3) Mons..20,420
4Wise Old Man Wise Old Man17,797
159 more rows

Why is HOI4 censored in Germany? ›

The video game was released on June, 6 2016. Due to German laws regarding Nazi symbols the German language setting censors the game.

What are the 7 major powers in HOI4? ›

Major countries
  • Germany.
  • Italy.
  • Japan.
  • Soviet Union.
  • France.
  • United Kingdom.
  • United States.


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Introduction: My name is Frankie Dare, I am a funny, beautiful, proud, fair, pleasant, cheerful, enthusiastic person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.