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When you are slow down in your class or at workplace, playing games is the best way to spend some time refreshing yourself. But only play games when you need some refreshment don’t just play games when you have to focus on your studies or work. Here we are sharing with you a website that holds a plethora of unblocked games and called unblocked Games 76.

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Unblocked Games 76

Unblocked Games 76 is a website with a huge library of games to play at school or the workplace. These are io and HTML games to access on your browsers.

To keep the focus of students on study and workers on work, schools and workplaces uses many firewall protection to block these games and gaming websites. But you can avoid these firewall protections if you play through this website.

Access to this website is really easy it is hosted on google Sites, so there are no chances of any viruses or other malware attacks. Moreover, you don’t need any VPN or other methods to open this website just search it on Google and it will open bypassing all the firewall protections.

Some Best Games Offered By Unblocked Games 76

There are some games that are everyone’s favorite like Subway Surfers Unblocked, Among Us and Minecraft, geometry dash etc all these are available here to play. Besides these, there are many other best ones that this website offers let’s have a look at them.

1v1 lol:

1v1 lol unblocked games 76 is an outstanding 3rd person online shooting game. In the game, you can make your own strategies to make your way around the map. You have to make your own platforms, ramps and walls to defend yourself from your enemies. The 1v1 game mode is available for you to play, and the last man standing will be the winner.

The gameplay is very straightforward, you have to play the game in the battle royal and if you beat your enemies and stand at last then you will be the winner.

The game features you with various types of weapons which you can use to defeat your opponents. So, play the game and make yourself a professional shooter.


There are 3 different modes available in the game:

  • BR Duos (2v2 battle royale).
  • 1v1 (1v1).
  • Box 2v2.

The game also provides some awesome features such as you can play the game with your friends. You can also buy the item from the game store which will be very helpful during battle royals. You can also practice the game to get the training.

How to play the game:

  • Press the LMB keys for Build or Shoot.
  • Press the WASD keys for Move.
  • Hit Space Key for Jump.
  • Press the ZXCV keys to switch building platforms.
  • Press F, 1, 2 to switch the weapons.
  • Hit the R key for Reload.
  • Press E to open the gate.
  • Press G to create a gate on the platform.

Unblocked Games 76 Time Shooter:

Time shooter is a unique type of shooting game where time runs according to your movement. In this FPS game, the time will start to run when you start to move. When you do not move, time will almost stop and so will the world of the game. The game is quite similar to Superhot.

During the game, you have to shoot in slow motion at your opponents without going hurt. The second version Time Shooter is also available for play.

GoGoMan creates the time shooter and time shooter 2. The release date of the game was April 2021. The last update of the game is in December 2021. HTML 5 technology is used in the game.

How to Play Time Shooter:

  • Press the WASD keys to Move.
  • Press the Left Click for Shoot.
  • Hit the Right Click to throw the weapons.
  • Press the F key to pick up the weapons.

Friday night Funkin Unblocked Games 76

Friday night funkin is an entertaining rhythm musical online game. In the game, you have to compete in different musical battles. So, are you ready to play different music by adding awesome beats?

The gameplay of the game is very easy, first, just go for the tutorial levels and complete them. After that, play in free mode with a different story character from the game. In the story mode, you can customize the level with your own ability. You can play games on different difficulty levels, for example, easy, medium, and hard.

Cameron Taylor is the creator of the game. The release date of the game was November 2020. Newgrounds, Cameron Taylor, and BMR INC are the publishers of the game. The game is available for different platforms to play such as Android, Microsoft Windows, Linus, and Mac OS.

FNF is also an open-source code game and many developers update the game regularly with new features. Many fans of the game create many modes to expand the game.

The game features many different and excellent songs to play. You have the choice to play the easy or difficult tracks in the game. The original and unique soundtrack of the game is made by KawaiSprite (Isaac Garcia).

How to play the FNF:

  • Press the Arrow keys or WASD.
  • Press the + or – keys for the volume.
  • Hit the 0 key to mute the game.

Bottle Flip:

Unblocked Game 76 Bottle Flip is a game where you have to flip the bottle in the right way to win it. If you want to become an expert like Messi, then play the game. The game is not easy but it will make you an expert. The game is very enjoyable and you should play it at least one time.

If you swing the bottle three times and win it on every try then you will be rewarded with a new jug in the game. The second version of the game, Bottle Flip 2 is also available for play.

Tastypill, LLC is the developer and publisher of the game. They use HTML 5 technology to make the game.

Eggy Car Unblocked Games 76

Eggy Car is a car-driving game where you have to drive the car from difficult obstacles and hills by containing an egg. If the egg falls from your car or breaks then the game will be over and you will lose. So, try your driving skills by crossing the egg-containing car from the passing line.

In the game, the egg will be seatbelted but the design and condition of the car is very bad and does not contain any safety features. When the egg falls from the car, you will get the score on how far you go before the egg is destroyed. So, keep trying and make a high score in the game.

While driving, you can get coins and power-ups. You can use the coins to get new vehicles with new technology which will help you more on the road. Always try to not let the egg. Always drive the car over the hills and keep it far away.

Beedo Games creates the eggy car game. The release date of the game was February 2019. HTML 5 technology is used to develop the game. You can play it on different platforms such as mobile, tablets, and desktops.

How to play the Game?

  • Press the left arrow key or A to move the car backward.
  • Press the right arrow key or D to move the car forward.

As a seasoned gaming enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge in the realm of online games, it's clear that Unblocked Games 76 is a website dedicated to providing an extensive collection of unblocked games suitable for both students and professionals looking for a quick gaming break. My familiarity with the gaming landscape allows me to delve into the details of some of the highlighted games mentioned in the article.

Unblocked Games 76 is positioned as a platform offering a diverse array of games, particularly focusing on io and HTML games accessible directly through web browsers. The article points out that schools and workplaces often employ firewall protections to prevent access to gaming websites, but Unblocked Games 76 claims to bypass these restrictions easily as it is hosted on Google Sites, eliminating concerns about viruses or malware attacks.

Now, let's explore some of the featured games on Unblocked Games 76:

1. 1v1 lol:

Description: 1v1 lol is highlighted as an exceptional third-person online shooting game where players can create their own strategies, build structures, and engage in battles in different modes, such as battle royale. The game offers various weapons and features gameplay requiring strategic thinking.

How to Play:

  • Build or Shoot with LMB keys.
  • Move with WASD keys.
  • Jump with the Space key.
  • Switch building platforms with ZXCV keys.
  • Reload with the R key.
  • Create a gate on the platform with G.

2. Time Shooter:

Description: Time Shooter is a unique shooting game where time progresses based on the player's movement. When the player is stationary, time nearly stops. The game is compared to Superhot and involves shooting opponents in slow motion to avoid getting hurt.

How to Play:

  • Move with WASD keys.
  • Shoot with Left Click.
  • Throw weapons with Right Click.
  • Pick up weapons with the F key.

3. Friday Night Funkin:

Description: Friday Night Funkin is described as an entertaining rhythm musical online game where players engage in musical battles. The game offers a variety of difficulty levels and customization options for levels. It features different characters, an open-source code, and a soundtrack created by KawaiSprite.

How to Play:

  • Use Arrow keys or WASD for gameplay.
  • Adjust volume with + or - keys.
  • Mute the game with the 0 key.

4. Bottle Flip:

Description: Bottle Flip is a game challenging players to flip a bottle correctly to win. Winning three times in a row rewards players with a new jug. The game is both enjoyable and skill-building, requiring precision.

5. Eggy Car:

Description: Eggy Car is a car-driving game with the unique twist of transporting an egg. Players must navigate challenging obstacles and hills without letting the egg fall or break. The game involves collecting coins, power-ups, and upgrading vehicles for better performance.

How to Play:

  • Move the car backward with the left arrow key or A.
  • Move the car forward with the right arrow key or D.

In conclusion, Unblocked Games 76 appears to be a comprehensive platform offering a variety of games to cater to different interests and preferences, making it an accessible choice for those seeking a quick gaming refreshment during study or work breaks.

Unblocked Games 76 1v1 lol, WTF, time shooter 3, 66 EZ | EIBIK.COM (2024)


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